Login Help

Below are some suggestions that may help if you're having trouble logging in to the system.

What if I forgot my Username and/or Password? If you forgot your Username and/or Password, the system can send you an e-mail that contains your Username and/or Password (depending on the journal's configuration). From the Login page, enter your Email and select Editor / Author / Reviewer / Publisher and click the 'Send Username and Password' button If there is a matching record in the system, an e-mail containing your Username and/or Password will be sent to you shortly.

How do I change my Password? My current password is hard to remember, and I keep forgetting each time I try to login to the system. The system automatically assigns a password to your account when you register (or if someone at the journal registers for you). However, you may change your password at any time.

Login to the system using your assigned Username and Password.
Click 'My Profile' link on the main navigation menu. This will bring you to the Change Password form.
In the form next to 'Password:' is your current password. You can change this with a new password.

Click the 'Change my Password' button at the bottom of the form. The next time you login to the system, you will need to enter your new password.If you forget your new password, you can have it sent to you via e-mail by clicking the 'Login here' link on the main navigation menu, You will be asked to fill in e-mail address. Once you submit your information, an e-mail containing your Username and Password will be sent to you shortly.

How do I know which User Role to select on the Login Page? If you're not sure which roles you have, contact the journal office. Below is a synopsis of the function each role performs.

Author Make a new or revised submission Edit or Approve a submission Check the status of a submission Editor Perform editorial office functions Perform editorial tasks Run performance reports Access System Administration

Reviewer Respond to a Reviewer Invitation Submit a Reviewer Recommendation on a submission Publisher Perform production tasks

I serve as a Reviewer on several journals. Why can't I login to this journal as a Reviewer? Even though you serve as a Reviewer for other journals, you may not be assigned a Reviewer Role on this publication. Click 'Contact Us' on the navigation bar at the top of the page if you would like to discuss this further with the editorial staff.